The mission of the Recovery Center of Medina County is to ensure every individual who desires an opportunity to overcome their addiction is allowed that chance and receives the necessary support to succeed.

The way to fulfill our mission is to reduce barriers to recovery from substance use disorders and advocate for those in recovery. We must create equal access to recovery support services in a safe environment and uphold the highest standards at the Sérénité Restaurant and Culinary Institute. Consistency and reliability are key to supporting a long-term recovery.


In early 2000, Judges Chris J. Collier and James L. Kimbler established and funded the first drug court in Medina, Ohio. This was in response to years of sentencing drug and alcohol offenders and criminalizing them for their addiction. They also noticed there was a steady stream of repeat offenders, which confirmed incarceration was not the answer to solving the issue. For over two decades the Medina County Court of Common Pleas has been actively engaged in the fight against addiction, especially opioids, which have made Ohio #2 in opioid overdoses across the country. In 2017, 4,293 people died in Ohio, more than double the US average of opioid related deaths.

In response to the need for more services in the community, the Court looked at other ways to serve this population with an approach offering long term results. In March 2018, the Recovery Center of Medina County opened with the goal of strengthening communities through supporting those in recovery. The organization quickly grew and expanded to offer a variety of resources for those in recovery, and their family and caregivers.

The Sérénité Restaurant and Culinary Institute also opened in the Spring of 2018. Working in conjunction with RCMC, we opened enrollment to anyone in the recovery community and attracted students from Medina, Wayne, Summit, Richland and Cuyahoga Counties. Sérénité provides culinary & hospitality training over the course of an eight-month program where students work at the restaurant learning the skills needed to begin a career in the hospitality industry.