The Recovery Center of Medina County seeks to be the last step on the continuum of care for individuals in need of support. RCMC provides a variety of resources for those in recovery, their family, and loved ones. We offer crisis services, classes, and cutting-edge programming to those who have made the decision to change their lives. Those who participate, free of charge, have access to peer support counseling and meetings, life skills coaching, financial literacy, legal aid, and referrals for sober housing and job placement.

As many as 200 individuals and families who are not students in the Culinary Institute seek our services each year. RCMC collaborates with the Court, treatment agencies, 12 step groups, health departments, other nonprofits, churches, and other local and regional agencies to offer support and enhance the opportunity for programs that encourage recovery.

The Sérénité Restaurant and Culinary Institute is at the core of the Recovery Center program and offers a unique and innovative approach to addiction recovery which encompasses an eight-month training program, teaching techniques of classic French cuisine and service. The program can accommodate up to 20 students at one time who rotate through a curriculum that includes classes on all aspects of the culinary and hospitality industry, kitchen and culinary skills and front of house training. Tuition is free and students receive an income during training, and upon graduation, job placement assistance.

Approximately four times a year we accept a new class of students. To be accepted into the program you must be at least 18 years of age, committed to continuing recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction and able to work and attend the classes throughout the eight-month program. We generally have 15-20 students in the Culinary Institute a year. We are delighted to report we have graduated 15 students since inception of the Culinary Institute, all of whom have been employed in the culinary profession. We have another 15 students who are currently in the program and will be completing their training during the year.

The key to success is the peer and other program support the student receives during and after their time in the program.